System MP - Installation in Solid Walls
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■ Product Description:

The access panel consists of aluminium profiles with a cement-bonded building panel and a circular cylinder level lock with key.

Each of the two frames of the panel consists of four single frame parts that are firmly connected due to a special welding process.
The flap is equipped with a safety catch. To avoid any accidents, it should be remounted after every opening of the door.

Between the frame and the door leaf there is an air gap of 3mm, which is additionally provided with a newly developed special brush sealing (airtight and dustproof) and a special gasket (splash-proof).

The use of the inspection flap as a facade flap in the outdoor area is for direct mounting in solid walls (without thermal insulation). It is also possible to install it in thermal insulation (foaming) with at least 80mm of insulation thickness.

■ Locks:

The access panel can be equipped with either a Round Cylinder Cam Lock (Standard) or with a Profile Cylinder Lock.

■ Special Production:

Special sizes can be manufactured in any desired size.

System MP - Installation in Solid Walls