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offering inspection doors.


We have over 5000 access panels in stock!


Our product range consists of access panels for:

-walls, shaft walls, ceilings, floors


If you can't find an access panel you need or if you require a special model,
we are at your disposal.


         1987 - 2017


Access panel made of galvanized sheet steel, for installation in walls or ceilings

Access panel with gypsum plasterboard inlay for installation in walls or ceilings

Access panel with gypsum plasterboard inlay for installation in walls or ceilings.
The favourable lower-priced to Heika-Star!

Access panel with perforated plate inlay

Insertion Trapdoor
For subsequent wall and
ceilings installation

Fire Dampers
For solid walls, shaft walls,
partitions and suspended ceilings

Access Panels for Facades
System MP - Installation in solid walls or in
thermal protection systems

Access Panels for Tiling
System Heika-Eco for tiling

Manhole Covers for Wells
For well shafts, spring shafts, vent shafts and waste water shafts

Access Hatches for Cellars
Allow the access to the basement,
in any desired room

Chimney Doors
Steel or stainless steel, tested and approved by the German Institute for Building Technology

Access Panels for Wash Bays
Laundry Chute Door and
Laundry Chute Flap

Special Models
We can produce access panels according to your wishes

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For purchase values above 250 euros shipping is free of charge. For further information please check our general terms and conditions.


Important note about our access panels:

The access panels cover the access to the cavity behind it and can be opened for the purposes of maintenance.
We offer access panels in different sizes and shapes.


Our high quality panels are from Germany. They are produced conscientiously in accordance with the European standards.  Because the quality is our top priority, each panel is thoroughly tested.


The sizes mentioned here correspond to the dimensions of the opening.


Unless otherwise specified, the access panels with gypsum are hydrophobic and therefore suitable for humid areas.


About fire protection codes:

The fire protection codes provide information about fire resistance. There is a distinction between Fxx and Ixx. The panels with Ixx codes are for solid walls or shaft walls, whereas the panels with Fxx codes are for ceilings or walls made of plasterboard.


For example, F60 means fire prevention 60 minutes, I90- 90 minutes.


Airtight and fire-safe access panels can be delivered with test certificates.