Bottom flap series 2500 Aluminium

made of stainless steel for wooden strips

Bottom flaps for wooden strips in accessible pedestrian areas

   Schwerlast-Holzböden                Einzelklappen                  Fußgängerverkehr

■ Typical floor coverings
   all types of heavy burdened wooden floors


■ Performance
   only in accessible pedestrian areas (including shopping trolleys, sack trucks, etc.)


■ Tender specification
   recessed bottom flap/ shaft cover and frame parts manufactured by Howe Green Ltd.;      Series 2500 from stainless steel equipped with mounted screws made of stainless steel.    The flaps are sent with combined lifting/security keys.
   All this is produced by Howe Green Ltd, Marsh Lane, Ware, SG12 9QQ,
Great Britain, and installed according to manufacturer's specifications
   and site manager's guidelines. 

■ Size

   Total frame size = clear dimension + 70mm
   e.g. 250x250mm clear dimension = 320x320mm of entire frame.

Price on request