Heika-Softline with Square Lock Hermetic
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■ Stable, double-angled "Z" profile frame

■ Double-welded, closed corners bring a high torsional stiffness

■ 4 riveted, swivelling wall anchors provide for a safe installtion in walls or ceilings

■ Versions: Galvanised sheet steel, white in RAL 9016 or special RAL-colours

■ For installation in walls or ceilings

■ Not removable door leaf

■ 19mm heat and insulating inlay

■ Operating conditions: -40° to +105° C according to DIN 4102, flame retardant B1

■ Thermal insulation value: 0.036 w/(mk)

■ Sound insulation up to 35 db/A

■ Air- and dust-proof, tested according to DIN 13451/Class 4, report 120002612-24 MPA NRW

■ Frame for installation with silicone connection-seal use

■ Standard sizes from 200x200 to 600x600mm

■ Special sizes on request

■ Also available with 38mm insulation

Heika-Softline with Square Lock Hermetik
Heika-Softline Solid Hermetik
Heika-Softline Solid Hermetic, insulated
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■ Airtight finish, tested to DIN EN 13451 Class 4

■ Identical with Heika-Softline Solid, but with circumferential gasket, sealing class 4 (highest)

■ Installation in walls or ceilings, removable door leaf

■ Test Report MPA NRW 120002612-22/29

■ Finish: White in RAL 9016

■ 19mm heat and noise insulating inlay

Heika-Softline Solid Hermetik, insulated

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