System SA 4 - Manhole Cover, weatherproof, burglar-resistant, round

■ Manhole Cover:
Rainproof, approximately 4 mm stainless steel, material no. 1.4301 (alternative 1.4571), V2A, glass bead blasted.

Sturdy stainless steel cover plate, higher in the middle, with inner containment device (protection against unintentional shutting of the lid / only manually detachable), with self-closing lock and brass oval cap, can only be opened with operator key, gas pressure springs for easy opening, the frame with stable, hidden hinges, cover can be opened to approx. 100 °, supplied with operator key.

Air vent DN 150 mm, with or without insulation of the lid, CFC free.


Safety mortise lock for profile cylinders available at extra cost.

■ Surface:
Surface treatment by blasting with glass beads
■ Sides:
Type ES 1: Stainless steel profile with wall anchors for setting in concrete or stainless steel profile for dowel assembly, with fastening material (standard frame)

Type ES 3: Stainless steel profile with plaster frame angle profile and welded wall anchors for setting in concrete.

Manhole cover bolted to the base frame inside.
■ Seals:
All manhole covers are equipped with interchangeable frost and weather-resistant rubber seal surrounding the frame
■ Applications:

shafts of all kinds, such as:
well shafts, spring shafts, ventilation shafts, waste water shafts
■ Designs:
Type RA: without insulation

Type RB: with insulation

Type RC: with air vent, without insulation

Type RD: with air vent, with insulation


Price on request

System SA 4