Heika Ground Automatik System GRI
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■ Product description:

The floor access cover system MA-GRI is manufactured with a frame made of 2 mm aluminium sheet and equiped with a circumferential, frost-and weather-resistant special sealing joint, which is largely odor-and water-tight.

The frame is set in concrete on grade. The aluminium tread plate is fixed on 2 corner points.

The opening process is supported by the high-quality gas pressure spring in a way that the manhole cover can be opened and closed by one single person.

A safety stay prevents uncontrolled closing. The installation height amounts to 75 mm only. Completely rust-free.



15 kN testing force according to EN 124


Frame made of 2 mm aluminum profiles and plate made of 3/5 aluminum tread plate.

 Areas of use: 

For on grade manholees in indoor or outdoor areas, for which hightest quality is important.

 Customized solutions:

Customized sizes can be produced in every dimension upon inquiry.

  Application options:

For manholes which are to be opened often without particular exertion. Particularty suitable for inspection and revision manholes since for regular maintenance the manhole can be opened and closed without significant exertion.


A lifting key and installation instructions are incuded with every FF floor access cover.


The installation shall be implemented in a professional manner in accordance with our installation instructions.

With types with special sealing joint, a tight connection to the frame profile is to be ensured.

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