Heika-Ground System Pro-RI / height 40mm
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■ Product Description:

The manhole cover is made of aluminium.

The frame is provided with a two-fold circumferential frost and weather resistant special seal, which is odour-proof and waterproof.

The accessible cover is made of anti-slip checkered plate made of aluminium.

The frame is encased in concrete at the floor level and the lid is then inserted.

The attachment of the cover to the frame is made by a 4-fold screw fastening at the corners. The frame can be taken out at these points with the lifting keys.

■ Load:

15 kN test load according to EN 124

■ Material:

Frame made of 2mm aluminium angle profile and lid from 3/5mm aluminium checkered plate.

■ Applications:

For accessible, floor-level shafts for indoor or outdoor use.

Heika-Ground System Pro-RI