Bottom Flaps Serie Premium

We have a series of Bottom flaps, manufactured by FF Systembau, which are specially designed for pedestrian traffic and also partially for the loading of cars and light vans.


Heika's Premium Series is our most robust and most suitable range of floor hatches and manhole covers for the public sector. Manufactured from high quality materials, our Premium Series offers exceptional durability, wear resistance and long-term reliability.


The Premium Series is available in a variety of sizes and models to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a floor hatch for a car park or a manhole cover for a pedestrian street, our range of products is designed to cover a wide range of applications.


The Premium Series offers a reliable and durable solution for floor hatches and manhole covers in public areas. We are committed to supplying the highest quality bottom hatches and manhole covers that can withstand tough application conditions while maintaining a pristine appearance.

Bottom Flap Serie 2500 stainless steel

Flap is made specially for wooden floors

Bottom Flap Serie 5000 Alu

For outdoor and indoor use for pedestrian traffic


Bottom Flap Serie 7500 Alu

For outdoor and indoor use, passable for cars 

Bottom Flap Serie HSE 75

Opening aid by gas pressure springs